CEC approved Solar Installer Australia
CEC approved Solar Installer Australia


  • Use stored energy to power your home during an outage
  • Recharge with clean energy when paired with solar
  • Keep appliances running without interruption
  • Customise settings for personalised savings
  • Stay connected with instant alerts before severe weather
  • Manage your energy
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    Energy Capacity
  • 13.5 kWh
  • 100% depth of discharge
  • 90% round trip efficiency
  • 7kW peak / 5kW continuous
  • Seamless backup transition
  • Pure sine wave output
    Size and Weight
  • L x W x D
  • 45.3" x 29.6" x 5.75"
  • 1150 mm x 753 mm x 147 mm
  • 251.3 lbs / 114 kg
  • Floor or wall mounted
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Up to 10 Powerwalls
  • -4°F to 122°F / -20°C to 50°C
  • Water and dust resistance to IP67
  • Meets US and international
  • safety standards
  • Meets US and international
  • EMI standards
  • 10 years




Improves overall
savings by
Sonnen System

CEC approved Solar Installer Australia
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Solar Battery FAQs

All You Need To Know Before You Purchase Solar Battery
  • Q: Why Tesla Powerwall 2?
    Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery system that stores energy from solar or from the grid and makes it available on demand. It can power your home during the night or back up your home in the event of a power outage.
  • Q: Powerwall 2 and solar?
    Adding energy storage to your solar system is the best way to maximise your system’s value – allowing you to use solar power day and night. Powerwall can be integrated with a new or existing solar system.
  • Q: How does Powerwall 2 efficiently manages its charge or discharge?
    Your inverter will communicate with the system to charge or discharge. Based on this battery management system, then will start charging or discharging.
  • Q: How safe is Powerwall 2?
    Powerwall is completely safe. Thanks to a highly sophisticated Battery Management System and liquid thermal control system, Powerwall’s lithium batteries will always function in a safe manner. In addition, Powerwall has been tested and certified to meet local market safety standards.
CEC approved Solar Installer Australia
CEC approved Solar Installer Australia

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