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  • How does the home solar panel system work?
    A home solar panel system is an electronic system that converts sunlight’s power into usable energy for your lights, appliances and devices. The solar panel system has the below components.
    • A. Solar panels
      Solar panels are made of small photovoltaic cells that transform sunlight into electricity. Using the sun’s natural energy, your solar panels are converting solar radiation into electricity. You can still expect your solar panels to produce 10% to 25% of their usual output, Even when it’s cloudy.
      But your electricity isn’t ready just yet as it’s in a DC Form. You’ll need an inverter to convert this energy into AC electricity so that we can utilise this energy to power our household items.
    • B. Inverter
      The inverter is powered by the sun’s energy, converts the DC electricity produced by your solar panels, and turns it into AC electricity.
      Inverters usually mounted on an exterior wall of your home or some cases, in the garage.
    • C. Racking
      A racking system is a structure used to securely place solar panels on your roof. This structure is specially designed according to different roof structures and types to securely attach solar panels to the roof.
      These racking materials are fully anodised and manufactured to survive in Australian harsh weather conditions.
    • D. Smart meter
      When solar panels produce more than you require, the excess energy is sold to your electricity retailer, and your FIT credits will be credited to your quarterly electric bill. When your solar panels can produce less than what you need, your home will automatically pull the energy from the grid. Your smart meter records how much energy comes from and exported back to the grid.
  • Is my property suitable for solar panels?
    Let’s check! Solar panel feasibility depends on where your home is located, the type of roof, the angle of your roof & if any objects are obstructing the sun’s rays to reach the solar panels?
    Our experienced team of solar panel experts can help you determine if your home is a good fit for solar panels at the moment or not. They will be happy to do a custom analysis of your home with the solar design tool we use, and they’ll get a sense of your requirement.
  • How many solar panels do I need?
    Each roof is different. When considering the number of solar panels your home needs, the best thing to consider the following questions:
    • How much electricity do I use?
      It will be handy to use your electricity bill to determine your energy need.
    • How much sunlight I get on the roof?
      It is essential to do a shade analysis and direction check to consider the solar panel placement. As it will help determine how big your system needs to be.
      At Solar Secure, we have a specialised solar design tool to create customised solar panel placement plans that maximise energy production.
  • What does NETCC Approved Seller Mean?
    The New Energy Tech Consumer Code(NETCC) program is a voluntary solar energy industry program. It requires solar retailers to sign a code of conduct, committing to working with higher standards than legally needed, particularly during the sales process.
    Committed to Consumer Protection Standards with a NETCC means they follow industry best practices in sales, and installing quality solar installations. Choosing a NETCC Approved Seller gives homeowners and businesses peace of mind that the company they’re dealing with will provide all the correct information they need to make an informed decision.
  • Who will help me with the questions I have?
    Solar Secure is committed to you with the perfect person to guide you through it, from initial solar panel design to consultation and installation to a lifetime of service.
    Our solar expert’s team will work with you to design your solar panel system and find a solar payment option. Then a project coordinator will manage the rest of the process.
    When your solar panels are installed and operational, our customer care team will be your go-to for any questions or concerns you have.

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