• What kind of savings can I expect?
    A solar system generates varying levels of electricity throughout the day. Your savings will depend on how much electricity is generated by the system you utilise.
  • What happens when I get shadows on my panels?
    Solar panels work best when there is no shade cast upon them. In fact, a shadow cast on even just part of one solar panel in your solar array can potentially compromise the output of the whole system. As a solar system owner, you should be vigilant in making sure that there are no nearby trees which might grow tall enough to eventually cause shading issues.
  • What happens when I go on holiday?
    The system will still operate and will offset the daytime base load which is the minimum amount of electricity that your home consumes.
  • What happens if I sell my house?
    We have a transfer of ownership system in place and should you decide to sell your home, Solar Secure will assist in the transfer process.
  • Will my solar system work during a black out?
    You’ll find your solar PV system automatically turns itself off when it detects a power outage. This is for the safety of crews working on the power lines.
  • What happens if I have a problem with my system?
    Please contact our customer care on 1300 867 328.
  • Are there other benefits from having solar panels?
    Yes. By reducing Australia’s dependency on electricity generated from coal, we not only reduce the amount of carbon dioxide generated in our environment we also reduce the amount of water that power companies use to make electricity. If more Australians have solar panel systems installed it will reduce the stress on the electricity grid and in turn minimise the amount of blackouts that occur during peak times of the year.

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